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NOTE: This website was designed to be viewed on a computer monitor; I will not be optimizing it for mobile browsing. Please also note that, like the rest of my online spaces, this website is not intended for minors (anyone under 18); while graphic content is infrequent here, it will appear periodically, and it is most likely to appear in my art. Please be mindful of that.

Name: Speck
Age: 20s
From: Texas!
Gender/Sexuality: Transmasc Agender (any/all), Asexual, Aromantic
Birthday: August 29th
Langs: English, Polish

Likes: Low brow stuff, analog media and tech, working on cars, 35mm photography, history, anthropology, video games, extreme metal, academia (regrettable!), astronomy, horror, Slavic cultures and history, late-night diner runs and long drives.

Dislikes: Authority, hot weather, the confines of my decaying meat prison, spiders.

Howdy! Welcome to my silly little website. Like it says, my name is Speck, a 20-something year old weird thing from Texas. I've been on the internet for forever now—my first HTML was probably written for Neopets—and I guess this is my latest home! It's a nice alternative to the forcibly homogenized, algorithm-driven experience of modern social media, huh.

Day to day, I'm a college student studying history and anthropology. I spend most of my free time doing digital art—which you can check out here or on one of my social media art accounts if you'd like to pass it around. If I'm not killing time by drawing or getting put through the wringer by college, there's a solid chance I'm working on my car; I don't consider myself a particularly gifted mechanic, but she's my whole world... my emotional support lemon. She's even got her own page!

For somebody without an ounce of musical talent, a lot of my life revolves around music. I've been a metalhead since I discovered Metallica when I was about 10 years old, and I spent much of my time in high school digging through Blogspots full of dad rock and metal .rars and chasing my favourite artists' influences as far back as I could. I'm actually slooooowly putting together a music review site for my friend and I; I'll make sure to link it whenever it's live! Though metal is my bread and butter, I have pretty broad taste; there are few things I actively dislike and fewer things I won't even try. I'm always happy to shoot the shit about it and both give and hear recommendations! For your trouble, why not check out my compilation of local music here?

I'm horribly mentally ill and quite passionate about my disorders—in particular bipolar (type 2) and borderline personality disorder. Destigmatization without denial of their ugly and even dangerous traits is huge for me. Maybe I'll talk about it at length somewhere on here. If you yourself are a bit wonked in the head and want to commiserate, I would love to!

This site is pretty much a constant work-in-progress so don't mind the shit that's obviously unfinished or wonky looking! There's no cohesive aesthetic nor solid pattern to what goes on here; everything is loose and easy and unserious. I more or less just use my shrines, hoards, and miscellaneous other pages to play with code and make ugly things for my own entertainment.

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